Travel continued in the mountains away from the flatlands

After spending a bit of time in the mountains of North Carolina and western Virginia, we moved up to New England to spend a weekend with our grandchildren and family in the mountains of New Hampshire. We had a great time with one and all camping in Franconia and hiking in Franconia Notch along the Cascade trail near the Basin.
The view looking down the Cascade trail


Looking up through the Notch

After visiting Sam and family for another two weeks in New Hampshire, we left for the coast of Maine and spent a week camping at Acadia National Park. This gave us the opportunity for reminders of why we love the coast of Maine so much. Jennifer joined us for the last 3 days of our visit there and did some preparation for her next long trail run. We hiked around the rocks, enjoyed lobster and generally took in the sights at Acadia, the rather mountainous island along the coast of Maine.
Why cruisers both love and fear the Maine coast

View of Bar Harbor and the Porcupine Islands from the top of Cadillac Mtn.

Our view as we enjoyed our first lobsters of the trip

We stopped by to visit Sam and family once again briefly before heading south to Virginia. On the trip, we managed a stop at one of the many wineries in Virginia – always worth the stop.

Following a few days more visiting with Jenn, we traveled up to the Shenandoah National Park for a couple of days camping in one of our favorite spots. We then drove up to North Central Pennsylvania to meet Jenn as she competed in her next long trail run, this one a full 28 miles on very, very rugged, hilly terrain.
At our campsite in the Shenandoahs, deer were frequent visitors.

And then it was another brief visit with Jenn at her place before we headed back to Vero Beach and the boat. We are now preparing for the possible arrival of Tropical Storm Ericka. My next blog entry will include a report on how that went. Until then…

Carpe Diem
Captain Bob